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LED Prototype by TWP in Joshua Tree, CA
Installing the LED configuration by TWP
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LED TWP Prototype Assembly and Installation, 2023

Design and Development of Method and Process of Installing TWP’s Fractal-Based Aluminum Mounting System Configured with 1,008 Individually Wired LED-illuminated, Light-Diffusing Leaf Cells

TWP light-diffusion leafs 

TWP 7-LED wired arrays

TWP wired branches with LEDs

TWP ready for transport

TWP light-diffusion leaf assembly

TWP branch assemblies with light-diffusion leaves


TWP trunk and main branches assembly

TWP scaffolding in progress

Crow and hawk

MST in the desert

Elena in the desert

TWP fusebox assembly


TWP fusebox assembly

Breaking ground

TWP fusebox

Raising TWP

TWP at midnight